• Dakota Brouillard

A First-Hand Tesla Roof Experience Worth Reading

Updated: Jan 20

As the world pivots towards more renewable sources of energy, Tesla’s created the perfect solar option for your home, without the cumbersome hardware required from other home solar options. Tesla’s solar roof is the pinnacle of technology right now, especially for homeowners looking to bring their home “off-the-grid.”

My experience with Tesla’s solar roof has given me an incredible impression as to what the company has to offer for homeowners looking to further separate themselves from the power grid at large. Read on to learn more.

Tesla’s solar roof is no exception to what the future of solar will look like as the technology becomes easier and cheaper to produce. Whether you’re considering a Tesla solar roof for your home, or you’re just interested in the newest technology coming onto the market, the Tesla solar roof is an incredible piece of technology that you should be talking about. After having some first-hand experience with the roof, this is an experience you don’t want to miss!

What Exactly Is the Tesla Solar Roof?

First of all, it’s best to understand what exactly the Tesla solar roof is. If you’re not a stranger to solar panels and how they work, imagine having an entire roof of solar panels without the unsightly baggage that tends to come with them. Instead of large panels, Tesla’s solar roof replaces your home’s standard shingles with two types of textured shingles: Active and inactive.

Your active shingles contain solar cells, meaning they can take in the sun and generate electricity for your home. Inactive shingles on the other hand have no solar cells, and function as regular shingles.

Overall Appearance of the Tesla Solar Roof

After the initial introduction, I was blown away by how it looked. To the untrained eye, you’d have no idea there was anything strange about this new roof, and if anything, added a little bit of curb appeal. With how unobtrusive the whole system is in comparison to traditional solar panels; it still feels like a no-brainer.

To this day, it still feels like I’m getting something for nothing. Sure, there was a decent size entry-bill, but with long term savings, it’s virtually free. Plus, the look on my neighbors’ faces when I tell them my home is fully solar and they can’t see any big panels anywhere is still priceless!

Pairing the Tesla roof with Tesla’s available solar battery allows a total off-grid experience, meaning you’ll quickly reduce reliance on the power grid at large. Aside from the cost, there’s little change to the exterior or interior of your home, with only the added benefit of the installation slowly paying for itself.

Aren’t Tesla Solar Roofs Expensive?

The cost of having a Tesla solar roof installed varies based on a few factors including:

· Size of your home

· Average energy consumption

· Location

Heading over to the Tesla website, you can get a good idea of what it would cost to have one of Tesla’s solar roofs installed on your own home. You can put in the information for your home, and it’ll even apply any federal or state level credits you may qualify for.

While, yes, having a Tesla roof installed is a bit more expensive than a traditional one, it’s important to keep in mind what you’re getting with that price tag. From my own experience, here are some of the positives you get for a slightly higher premium:

· Rated for 166 mph winds (26 mph more than traditional solar panel ratings)

· 25-year warranty included

· Lower electric costs

· Much nicer to look at than large, bulky solar panels

· The Tesla App allows you to monitor your system and usage from anywhere

As a personal anecdote, one of the deciding factors in favor of Tesla’s solar roof is their 25-year included warranty. Since Tesla replaces your traditional roof with their solar one, you’ll be protecting your roof for 5 years longer than a traditional asphalt roof is meant to last! Their roof is built to stand the test of time, and look good doing it, which is why I’m such a big advocate for those looking to make the jump.

From its beautiful look to the protection their warranty offers, Tesla’s solar roof has truly revolutionized how I view solar as a whole. The premium you pay for this roof is worth it, and it will continue to pay for itself well into the future. Plus, I think it looks way nicer than traditional asphalt shingled roofs, which is just a nice plus.

What’s the Difference Between a Tesla Solar Roof and Solar Panels?

While solar panels have been around for a little while now, Tesla’s solar roof is relatively new to the scene in terms of available technology. While the two carry many differences, their appearance is what most noticeably sets them apart.

Traditional solar panels are added to the existing roof, protruding obviously on the top of homes everywhere. Tesla solar roofs on the other hand are considered what’s known as a BIPV system, or” building-integrated photovoltaic” system. This is just a super fancy way to say the solar roof replaces the existing roof as opposed to being added to it.

In my opinion, this is what makes the Tesla solar roof experience so incredibly innovative. This ability to add solar to your home without the unsightly hardware that typically comes with it is truly one of a kind, and any homeowner should love this concept. With Tesla recently unveiling the possibility of more color and texture options, it almost feels like it’s the only way to go in the future!

Should You Get a Tesla Solar Roof?

Yes, everyone should get their home equipped with a Tesla solar roof. As technology improves, the costs continue to trend downward, but solar roofs are, in my opinion, the reality of our future. As the country, and the world for that matter, move to more renewable sources of energy, take advantage of the incentives available to you while the technology is still being widely accepted.

If you’re interested in reducing your reliance on the power grid and want a solar power system that takes up virtually no space or view, then the Tesla solar roof is right for you. If your home is due for a new roof, it may be worth researching which option makes more sense: replace your traditional roof, or take a step into the future.

It’s important to note, without the added battery wall, in my experience it’s near impossible to completely remove your existence from the power grid at large. Still, you can always add one of Tesla’s battery walls down the road and still capitalize on reducing their requirement for municipal and private electrical consumption. What’s better than no longer having a utility bill, and in some cases, being paid for your new solar venture?

Tesla’s Solar Roof is a Quality Addition to Any Home, and Worth It

So, there you have it. Tesla’s Solar roof offers a more premium approach to solar power for private homes, without the need for hardware that can be an eyesore. You’ll start reducing your dependence on commercially and municipally supplied electricity, all while adding a little bit of curb appeal and functionality to your home.

As countries everywhere continue to push more renewable sources of our energy production, it’s inevitable we’ll all be powered by solar eventually. The more people offload their extra produced energy into the grid, the less dependency we’ll have on fossil fuels to generate our demand for electricity.

Everyone is different, but I recommend checking out a Tesla Solar roof in-person to help you make your decision. Once you see the truly visually appealing approach Tesla has taken to solar, you’ll be more open to the concept just like me. They replace parts of your home rather than add to it, and you’ll be well on your way to a more “off-the-grid” type lifestyle faster than you know it!