“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou

Staying professional while making people laugh is an acquired skill. Laughter is the fastest way to get someone's attention, and break down trust barriers. That's all it takes to sell someone something: make it worth their time.

I've been in sales for the majority of my professional career, and I've learned how effective solid communication is. What I've also learned is how great of a tool laughter can be; Even in the world of copywriting. If the point of solid copy is to attract attention, why aren't more people doing it with humor?

Think about it. How many times have you read an outlandish headline (you know, kind of like the Virginia Woolf quote I used to get you reading this far) and thought to yourself, "What?! I have to keep reading."

Brands are always making headlines now with their witty social media accounts and their ability to attract attention (looking at you Wendy's). 

If you want to sell me something, make me laugh.

People remember what makes them laugh.

The secret lies in developing engaging content that fosters customer relationships. That's where I come in. My experience lends me the ability to write in any format, best tailored to any audience. Being able to switch my writing style is what separates me from other writers.


Know your Audience

Whether it's writing, sales, or even marketing, this is the key to success. I can help you appeal to your direct audience in a way that fosters long relationships.

Let me create exciting content that represents your brand or company in an engaging way.

Regardless of if  it's fun and professional or engaging and informative, let me develop the copy that sets you apart from the competition. After all: 

It's all about knowing when to add a little color!